About Cards for Good Causes

In 1959, James “Jim” Jackson, Secretary of the British Diabetic Association, gathered a group of medical charities together to discuss the coordination of publicity for selling charity cards at Christmas. In 1964, they began selling cards from empty shops in town centres. The name “Cards for Good Causes” was first mooted in 1971, but it was not until 1988 that it was formally established as the trading arm of The 1959 Group of Charities.


Cards for Good Causes Today

  • We are the UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organization with the most shops in the country.
  • Our aims are simple – offer the widest choice of charity cards and keep raising as much money as possible each year for our charities.
  • Cards for Good Causes sells cards on behalf of over 250 national and local charities. In most shops at least 25 charities are represented.
  • Cards for Good Causes manages a national network of over 300 charity Christmas card shops, throughout the country, from Truro to Pitlochry.
  • Cards for Good Causes sells charity Christmas cards from temporary shops set up in sites such as churches, libraries, community centres, tourist information centres and museums.
  • Most Cards for Good Causes shops are staffed by volunteers from the participating charities.
  • Cards for Good Causes (CFGC) pays the participating charities (or their trading subsidiaries) at least 70p in every pound from their card sales, less the VAT payable on the amount retained by CFGC. The retained amount covers CFGC’s costs of running the temporary charity Christmas card shops. In addition to these costs, the participants have to pay for the production and distribution of their cards.
  • In most shops Cards for Good Causes also sells a range of Christmas Goods, purchased by them, including advent calendars, Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags and the profit from these goods helps meet some of the costs of running the temporary charity Christmas card shops.

Cards for Good Causes Limited (VAT No GB 458 9691 78 Registered in England No 2260866) is the trading company of The 1959 Group of Charities (Registered Charity No 249039). Head and Registered Office: 1 Edison Gate, West Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3SE