Cards for Good Causes sold more than £4 million worth of Christmas cards in 2018, passing back at least 74p of every pound to its 250+ partner charities. It is thanks to the marvellous help from supporters that this staggering amount for UK charities has been raised.

But Cards for Good Causes is not just here at Christmas. With the continual help from supporters, much needed funds for UK charities can be raised all year round. It is really simple and doesn't cost any extra pennies.

Three easy ways to donate to Cards for Good Causes when shopping or selling online:

  1. Use the easyfundraising site to shop online as normal and when a purchase is made from the 3,600 online stores, the retailer sends Cards for Good Causes a free donation. With the functionality to search by both shopping category and retailer, it is really easy to shop via the site. It just takes a couple of minutes to
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