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Cards for Good Causes is an incredible organisation. In the months running up to Christmas, over 300 shops pop up across the country and allow people to buy fantastic Christmas cards from some of the UK's most loved charities. The shops couldn’t run without the time and dedication of the volunteers and managers who work tirelessly across the season to make sure every shop is up and running. For Macmillan, the money Cards for Good Causes raises helps us reach and improve the lives of even more people affected by cancer.

Laura Cloke, Macmillan Cancer Support Shop Team Manager"

In the past ten years, charities (or their trading subsidiaries) have received more than £40 million from Cards for Good Causes – representing at least 70p in every pound out of which charities had to pay for the production and distribution of their Christmas cards and any VAT.

The 1959 Group of Charities


What our managers say:

"My Co-Manager and I really enjoyed our first season getting to know the volunteers who were all delightful to work with."

Karen in Tunbridge Wells"

What our volunteers say:

"It's a wonderful feeling to be doing something worthwhile - particularly at this time of year."

Jenny in Putney"


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