Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research)

Bloodwise  We’re here to beat blood cancer. We stop people dying from blood cancer, we make people’s lives better, and we look for ways to stop people getting blood cancer in the first place.

We were founded in 1960 by the Eastwood family, who lost their 6 year old daughter Susan to leukaemia. At the time, most people thought nothing could be done, but Susan’s parents saw things differently: they believed there could and should be hope for people with blood cancer.

55 years on, and with over half a billion pounds raised and invested in research, we’re proving them right. Together with researchers, supporters and donors, we’ve changed the world for people with blood cancer, but we won’t stop until every single person with blood cancer survives and can live their life to the full.

Registered Charity No216032



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