Shop Management

Shop Management

If you can spare some time between October and December and are interested in doing something really worthwhile, why not find out more about becoming a Cards for Good Causes (CFGC) shop manager or volunteer?
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Managing a CFGC shop is straightforward and requires no special qualifications other than common sense and enthusiasm. However, it is essential that anyone undertaking this work enjoys working with people and figures, as the job involves contact with both. All managers are trained in what the work involves and are given Shop Guidelines which provide detailed instructions. In addition, the manager is supported by an Area Organiser.

Shop Management

Managing a CFGC shop is an interesting and fulfilling role and many CFGC managers return year after year finding that the two to three month commitment suits them well, leaving the rest of the year free to pursue other interests.


What our managers say:

Why do I like doing it? A combination of reasons: It allows me to do considerably more for charity than dropping a coin in a can. It's seasonal, so you can really throw yourself into it knowing that it's just for eight weeks or so. Having taken early redundancy it gave me something constructive to DO. It kept my brain active after a lifetime of fulltime work. It's creative - setting up the shop attractively takes some effort and is fun. Most of all, and something I'm sure every manager and volunteer will echo: you meet some fascinating people.

Jane, Co-Manager in Rye"

The role of a shop manager is briefly outlined below:

BEFORE OPENING: The manager is responsible for organising a volunteer rota and for setting up the shop.

  • Volunteers: Head Office will provide a list of volunteers who have helped in the shop before. From this list, and other contacts such as local branches of charities, churches and friends, the manager completes a rota of volunteers to staff the shop.
  • Publicity: Advice will be given on publicity and material supplied by Head Office.
  • Shop set-up: Shop equipment and paperwork will be supplied by the Area Organiser who supports and advises during set up and the season.
  • Stock: All stock is delivered direct to the shop by courier or by local charity representatives.

DURING TRADING: The manager is responsible for opening and closing the shop each day and for ensuring that the shop is manned by the volunteers.

  • Stock: Levels of stock in the shop are reviewed on a regular basis and the Area Organiser will advice on re-ordering.
  • Banking: The manager is responsible for banking the takings at least once a day.
  • Paperwork: The manager is responsible for sending weekly banking/stock information to Head Office and/or the Area Organiser.

CLOSING THE SHOP: The manager is responsible for the return of stock and completion of paperwork at the end of the trading period.

  • Stock Return: The manager, with volunteer help, counts, records and packs up all unsold stock ready for collection by a courier organised by Head Office or by local charity representatives after the shop has closed.
  • Clearing Up: The manager should ensure the shop area is left clean and tidy when trading has finished.
  • Final Paperwork: All paperwork has be completed and returned to the Area Organiser by the end of the first week of January.

For further information and a full job description please contact:

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