It’s Valentine’s Day on 14th February but this year is going to be a little different from usual with lockdown still in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But all is not lost - you might not be able to go away for the weekend or book that favourite restaurant to celebrate the occasion but there is still lots to do from the comfort of your own home.



We have put together 10 Valentine's Ideas to make it still feel that little bit special and give you something to plan and look forward to.

  1. Breakfast in Bed - It’s Sunday and there is nowhere to go so relax and have a lie in. Why not put a Valentine’s tray together and enjoy breakfast in bed
  2. Local Walk - One thing you can do is go for a leisurely stroll in the local area. Why not pick out some local landmarks that you both love and plan a special route
  3. Lunchtime Picnic - So, you’re back from your walk and it’s time for lunch. Why not have a carpet picnic with a selection of cheeses and a glass of wine
  4. Plan a Movie Afternoon - Make a list of your favourite movies and plan to laze on the sofa and watch them together
  5. Call Friends and Family - It’s Sunday and a great day to call or zoom friends and family and laugh. Valentine’s is about enjoying time with the ones you love even if that is virtually at the moment
  6. Long Soak in the Bath - You might not be able to get away for a spa weekend but why not recreate that feeling in your own bathroom
  7. Dress to Impress - loungewear, loungewear and more loungewear. Yes, it’s comfy but sometimes it’s nice to dress up and feel special even if you’re not going anywhere
  8. Takeaway Time - The restaurants may be closed but you can still order your favourite takeaway and indulge yourselves
  9. Games Night - Whether it’s cards, bridge, monopoly or chess, let your competitive side come out and have some fun
  10. Chocolate and Prosecco - It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some chocolate and a glass or two to end the night

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Happy Valentine's Day from the CFGC Team!